StrictlyFakeF1 was invented by @FakeMarkWebbah. Basically, fakes pick a professional or a celeb to support thoughout the Strictly Come Dancing 2011 series and the person paired with the professional and celeb that wins, wins themselves!

Due to popular demand, @TheFakeBritta then created the idea to pair up the fakes with other fakes or non-fakes! @FakeVirginRacin said we should give them a celeb instead...I got very confused and then understood and it was a good idea so we ran with it!

@FakeVirginRacin also suggested a fight to the death. That idea was thrown out...


@FakeDelRosario is our host a.k.a Tess!

Professional Fakes
Aljaž Skorjanec @FakeGideoF1
Aliona Vilani @FakeDelRosario
Anton Du Beke @FakeCiaronF1
Anya Garnis @FakeVivian
Iveta Lukosiute @FakeMrsSchumi
Janette Manrara @FakeKataHyde
Pasha Kovalev @FakeFernando
Kevin Clifton @MrBouillerFake
Robin Windsor @FakeFI
Karen Hauer @FakeChloeR
James Jordan @FakeRonD
Ola Jordan @TheFakeDasha
Artem Chigvintsev @FakeCaterham
Kristina Rihanoff @FakeMarussia
Brendan Cole @FakeJButton

Celeb Reals/Fakes
Abbey Clancy @Rachaelwith2As
Dave Myers @michaelfakemsc
Fiona Fullerton @FakeBritta
Julian McDonald @ThatBiasedFIGuy
Susanna Reid @TheMardyMare
Rachel Riley @KellyLouMugg
Ben Cohen @GasPlank
Tony Jacklin @LukeyWilmot
Vanessa Feltz @Timo_ChecoFan
Deborah Meaden @LoriKampermpats
Sophie Ellis Bexter @ChChCharli
Natalie Gumede @FakeFernandaG
Ashley Taylor Dawson @DaxamStark
Mark Benton @FakeKomatsu
Patrick Robinson @FakeFerrari

Couple Fake Couple Team name Week out
Aljaž/Abbey FakeGideoF1/RachaelWith2As Team Racheado
Aliona/Tony FakeDelRosario/LukeyWilmot - 1
Anton/Fiona FakeCiaronF1/FakeBritta Team Britron 7
Anya/Patrick FakeVivian/FakeFerrari 11
Iveta/Mark FakeMrsSchumi/FakeKomatsu 9
Janette/Julian FakeKataHyde/ThatBiasedFIGuy 3
Pasha/Rachel FakeFernando/kellyloumugg Team Eyebrow Glitter 5
Kevin/Susanna MrBouillerFake/TheMardyMare Team AUGP
Robin/Deborah FakeFI/LoriKampermpats 4
Karen/Dave FakeChloeR/michaelfakemsc Wurst Tea 6
James/Vanessa FakeRonD/Timo_ChecoFan - 2
Ola/Ashley TheFakeDasha/DaxamStark Insane Firefly 10
Artem/Natalie FakeCaterham/FakeFernandaG
Kristina/Ben FakeMarussia/GasPlank Team Serussia 8
Brendan/Sophie FakeJButton/ChChCharli Team Charson


Bruce is... @FakeEJordanOBE

Len is... @Jenson_Todd

Bruno is... @FakeStefano

Darcey is... @FakeLauraHulk

Professional Fake
Brendan Cole @FakeFernando
Natalie Lowe @FakeDelRosario
Anton Du Beke @IamLewis4Fake
Erin Boag @cora_fake
Vincent Simone @FakeMarkWebbah
Flavia Cacace @FakeMarussia
Pasha Kovalev @FakeAndrewGreen
Aliona Vilani @FakeMrsSchumi
Robin Windsor @FakeRBRacing
Karen Harsomething @FakeNicScherzy
James Jordan @FakeArthurPic
Ola Jordan @FakeBritta
Artem Chigvintsev @FakeWilliamsF1
Kristina Rihanoff @FakeBProske

Celeb Real/Fake
Kimberly Walsh @74nettie
Lisa Riley @carawrr
Victoria Pendleton @RachaelWith2As
Fern Britton @uselessprofile_
Dani Harmer @vampireval63
Denise Van Outen @FakeRafaela
Jerry Hall @FakeMcKenzie
Colin Salmon @FakeJuanMontoya
Johnny Ball @Fake_Kobayashi
Louis Smith @FakeCharlesPic
Michael Vaughan @moss022
Nicky Byrne @FakeSauber
Richard Arnold @FakkiKovalainen
Sid Owen @Sam_Moore25

Couple Fake couple Team Name Week out
Colin/Kristina FakeJuanMontoya/FakeBProske 4
Dani/Vincent vampireval63/FakeMarkWebber 11
Denise/James FakeRafaela/FakeArthurPic THIRD
Fern/Artem uselessprofile_/FakeWilliamsF1 Party Crashers 5
Jerry/Anton FakeMcKenzie/IamLewis4Fake Press Pen Pals 2
Johnny/Aliona/Iveta(Week 1) Fake_Kobayashi/FakeMrsSchumi/FakeVivian Team Banzai!!! 1
Kimberly/Pasha 74nettie/FakeAndrewGreen Strictly Aloud SECOND
Lisa/Robin Carawrr/FakeRBRacing 10
Louis/Flavia FakeCharlesPic/FakeMarussia Team Cha Cha Charlie and the Viennese Whirl FIRST
Michael/Natalie moss022/FakeDelRosario 8
Nicky/Karen FakeSauber/FakeNicScherzy 9
Richard/Erin FakkiKovalainen/cora_fake Hei Cora Let's Dance 6
Sid/Ola Same_Moore25/FakeBritta East End Passion 3
Victoria/Brendan RachaelWith2As/FakeFernando Team 2WDC1SCDC 7


Our host/Brucie is @FakeMarkWebbah. On the judging panel is Craig "@FakePaddyLowe" Revel-Horwood, Bruno "@FakeStefano" Tonioli, and Alesha "@FakeGreta" Dixon.

Professional Fake
Brendan Cole @TheFakeBritta
Natalie Lowe @FakeNicoRosberg
Anton Du Beke @KinkyKylieRB
Erin Boag @FakeFlyingScot
Vincent Simone @FakeKataHyde
Flavia Cacace @FakeJakeHumpF1
Pasha Kovalev @FakeLeeMcKenzie
Aliona Vilani @IamLewis4Fake
Robin Windsor @FakeDelRosario
Katya Virshilas @FakeFernando
James Jordan @FakeVivian
Ola Jordan @FakeJButton
Artem Chigvintsev @FakeVirginRacin
Kristina Rihanoff @FakeJarnoTrulli

Celeb Fake/Real
Rory Bremner @FakeTedK
Edwina Currie @FakeMS_MGP
Nancy Dell'Olio @FakeDiRestaF1
Anita Dobson @FakeFIMechanic
Jason Donovan @carawrr
Russell Grant @bridge_mcmillan
Audley Harrison @JensonButtonCat
Chelsee Healey @FakeSFMechanic
Alex Jones @FakeSteveRider
Harry Judd @Rachaelwith2As
Dan Lobb @NandosPaella
Lulu @FakeFifthDriver
Robbie Savage @RealDobbin
Holly Valance @FakeMarkWebbah

Couple Fake couple Team Name Week out
Alex/James @FakeSteveRider and @FakeVivian Team ME 10
Anita/Robin @FakeFIMechanic and @FakeDelRosario Team Dobbin 8
Chelsee/Pasha @FakeSFMechanic and @FakeLeeMcKenzie Team FerrarLee SECOND
Harry/Aliona @RachaelWith2As and @IamLewis4Fake Team LewLew FIRST
Holly/Artem/(Brendan week 6) @FakeMarkWebbah (@FakeFifthDriver week 6) and @FakeVirginRacin Team Margin 10
Jason/Kristina @carwrr and @FakeJarnoTrulli Team Carno THIRD
Robbie/Ola @RealDobbin and @FakeJButton Team Dobson 9
Russell/Flavia @bridge_mcmillan and @FakeJakeHumpF1 Team McHump 7
Audley/Natalie @JensonButtonCat and @FakeNicoRosberg Team RosButton 6
Lulu/Brendan @FakeFifthDriver and @theFakeBritta Team Fritta 5
Nancy/Anton @FakeDiRestaF1 and @KinkyKylieRB Team Dinky 4
Rory/Erin @FakeTedK and @FakeFlyingScot Team Pub GP 3
Dan/Katya @NandosPaella and @FakeFernando Team Paella 2
Edwina/Vincent @FakeMS_MGP and @FakeKataHyde Team Schumikki 1

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