British GP Podium

Podium for the 2012 Fake F1 @FakeSauber British GP


Round Nine of the Fake F1 Championship, set in luckily sunny Silverstone! Unlike Valencia!

The race is held from Saturday 2PM 11/08/2012 till Monday 10PM 13/08/2012, the race sponsored by FakeSauber, as he asked nicely!

@FakeBProske leads the championship coming into this race (again) after winning in Canada and a second in Valencia (without trying much!) with @LukeyWoodsey and @FakeJAF1 not far behind! Hopefully not much camping at Silverstone for the event!

Results are below....

1. @FakeBProske - 1:25.067 - 25PTS

2. @FakeJAF1 - 1:25.368 - 18PTS

3. @FakeRSchumacher - 1:26.500 - 15PTS

4. @JetBlackGTF10 - 1:27.075 - 12PTS

5. @FakeJarnoTrulli - 1:27.663 - 10PTS

6. @FakeAndrewGreen - 1:29.696 - 8PTS

7. @FakeMrsSchumi - 1:31.624 - 6PTS

107% Time: 1:31.722

Bold Text = Below 107% Time

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