RACE 1 of the 2012 Fake F1 Championship, held at Melbourne, sponsored by @FakeFernando (because he was the first to retweet an announcement)

Ran from 4:30pm GMT 7/6/12 until 12:00am GMT 10/6/12.

If you want to join the Championship, please tweet me at @FakeSauber :-D

There is now a Twitter account for Fake F1 Championship, @FakeF1Champship

use hashtag #FakeF1Championship


1-@FakeBottas- 1:20.809 25pts

2-@FakeJAF1- 1:20.907 18pts

3-@FakeMedicalCar- 1:20.941 15pts

4-@TheF1Column- 1:21.174 12pts

5-@wmetcalf- 1:21.805 10pts

6-@LukeyWoodsey- 1:21.834~ 8pts

7-@FakeBProske- 1:21.972 6pts

8-@FakeLauraHulk- 1:22.108* 4pts

9-@FakeRSchumacher- 1:22.572 2pts

10-@FakeJarnoTrulli- 1:22.581 1pts

11-@FakeSauber- 1:22.888

12-@MoinIqbalF1- 1:22.994*

13-@FakeForceIndia- 1:23.137

14-@F1ML- 1:23.163

15-@FakeEsteban- 1:23.420

16-@FakeAndrewGreen- 1:23.887*

17-@Liam_Hill87- 1:24.464

18-@FakeJakeHumpF1- 1:24.642

19-@CharlotteEyre18- 1:26.153

20-@FakeRafaela- 1:26.167

21-@JohnnyHill17- 1:27.439

22-@ju_rena- 1:29.287

23-@FakeMrsSchumi- 1:37.679





~ means F1 2009 used

  • means no snapshot evidence

107% time= 1:26.570

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