The 2012 Spanish Grand Prix officially sponsored by Fake Martin Brundle after he took his first ever F1 related victory for being quickest!

The rain in Spain didn't come off the plane and the race was dry, we also had the return of #BOTTAS so another comfortable win. The return of Bottas didn't happen so we were left with all of us being beaten by a girl! Another win for girl power, the multi-tasking part must help.

The major news was I (Fake James Allen) got to be in charge as the FJAA was in charge of this race, the results below...

1. @FakeBProske 1:14.850 (+0.000) - 25 PTS

2. @FakeJAF1 1:15.780 (+0.930) - 18 PTS

3. @LukeyWoodsey 1:17.173 (+2.323) - 15 PTS

4. @FakeRSchumacher 1:17.181 (2.331) -12 PTS

5. @FakeJarnoTrulli 1:18:309 (+3.459) - 10 PTS

6. @FakeAndrewGreen 1:19.405 (+4.545) - 8 PTS

7. @FakeMrsSchumi 1:40.278 (+25.428) - 6 PTS

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